WiFi-Station Cloud Wi-Fi transforms Wi-Fi network
into an intelligent marketing system which enables a
display of video advertisements on mobile phones,
tablets or laptops of customers.

Having seen the video advertisement, the customers
are delivered targeted video advertisements and
special offers to maximize the effectiveness.

A customer can give consent to receive intermittently
emails containing discounts, coupons and the offers
of your partners for advertising purposes.

The system gathers data and surveys with feedback on
customer satisfaction, complaints and comments that
may be answered personally.


Wi-Fi is a marketing channel which can be used to
display video ads.

A customer needs to watch a video ad on his/her
device to get Wi-Fi access.

In order to display the most appropriate video
advertisement, the system can be adjusted so that a
customer logs in via his/her social network account
or creates a personal account, whereas the available
information on sex, date of birth have been taken
into consideration.

Having seen the video advertisement, a customer is
offered to connect to the Internet and visit the web
page with a special offer.

Thus you boost customer engagement to maximize
the effectiveness (of advertising).


Wi-Fi is an ideal marketing channel because it enables
you to display video advertisements before a guest is
connected to the internet.

WiFi-Station Cloud Wi-Fi system enables you to set one
or multiple video advertisements which can be rotated
each time the guest is connected.

For each marketing campaign you will get analytics
which includes the number of displayed video
advertisements, click-through rates, how successful the
campaign is, with PDF reports for store manager.


Your Wi-Fi network is a perfect channel to gather the
opinions of your customers and visitors.

Gather valuable information about your customers,
which can used for marketing purposes and to improve
the quality of your services.

Resolve complaints about your services or the staff,
which you would not have been informed about
otherwise. Surveys can be displayed on the initial login
page, or sent in an email after a defined time interval.

All the data are instantly available being gathered into
legible analytics, without any paperwork.


Social Login is a favourite Wi-Fi access method for
most customers since it enables them to log in to the
Internet in just a few clicks, without any personal data
required/ without entering any data.

Social Wi-Fi is a powerful tool by means of which you
can offer free Wi-Fi to your guests, and gather customers
personal data that you can later use for marketing

When a guest logs in to the system, there might be a
message made public to your friends and followers on
a social network, thus enabling you to reach new
potential customers.


WiFi-Station Cloud Wi-Fi system precisely controls
the Internet access speed, data transfer and a
number of devices which a guest can connect to

Since streaming services, like YouTube becoming
more popular, it is very important to limit access
speeds, so your customers could get great Wi-Fi.

The guest is allowed to use multiple devices (1, 3
or more) per account, and for each device there is
a customer device usage statistics.

When a guest connects to an access point, he will
be logged in automatically.


Email marketing campaigns enable you to send
information and promotional emails to your customers.

Those campaigns can be sent when necessary, if you
want to inform your guests about the novelties, or
automatically according to a previously defined schedule
which includes initial connection, inactivity or on a
guest’s day of birth.

The integrated editor, which enables you to insert images,
text, links and other features, helps you prepare the
emails. The campaigns can be sent to your target guests
immediately, or at a specified delivery time.


When a guest connects to Wi-Fi network for the first
time and enters personal data, he will receive an email
with a welcome message and a coupon that can be
used immediately in the store.

In two days’ time the system can send a short
customer satisfaction survey to be completed asking
your customer to rate the customer experience so that
you could react to potential customer complaints.

All the steps have been automated, time intervals are
adjustable, and they do not require any additional


Ranking from basic data to advanced analytics,
WiFi-Station Cloud Wi-Fi system offers a thorough
insight into visitors behaviour.

Get to know your visitors, find out what their habits
are and prepare effective marketing campaigns.

Track Internet usage, set the limits to Internet
plans, or set specific limits to individual users.

Visitors statistics have been divided into multiple
reports which include loyalty, top users, time intervals,
sex, age, and other demographic data.

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