WiFi-Station is a cloud Wi-Fi system of great
possibilities which connects various devices into an
intelligent Wi-Fi network.

The system works on fast Microsoft servers
with high availability.

It provides centralized device management, guest
Wi-Fi network control, access methods settings, guest
accounts updates, extraordinary analytics and
reports, easy network expansion.

It supports Wi-Fi devices of the leading network
brands: Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquity, Tp-Link,
Mikrotik, Cradlepoint, D-Link, Asus, Meraki,
Icomera, Open-Mesh, Openwrt, etc.


Upon accessing your Wi-Fi network, the guest is
automatically redirected to the ISP Wi-Fi self-branded
login page. You can easily customize the welcome
page by setting the logo and background and the
ways in which your guests can access the Internet.

They may select the preferred connection method,
like user/login, access-code login, free trial access or
social login and start using Wi-Fi. Once logged-in, they
may be redirected to view desired website or ISP info

Each connected device is limited with download and
upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time to
use your service, so you can ensure excellent Wi-Fi
experience for all your guests.

WiFi-Station ISP Wi-Fi software will control the
session duration, speed and bandwidth, and optionally
collect your guest e-mail, name, address, for your
safety and info marketing activity.


WiFi-Station ISP Cloud Wi-Fi system provides you
with both advanced Wi-Fi network control and a
reliable connection for all users.

Track your customer’s behaviors, analyse the
demographics and habits of your clients, display
location-based ads or fully-featured Email
marketing campaigns that target customers by age,
gender and interest.

It enables you to deliver video commercials and
automatically sends special offers at defined time
intervals, which leads to an increase in revenues
from restaurants, hotels, retail stores and other

Improve your business and attract new customers
by implementing intelligent ISP solution
in your Wi-Fi network.

Voucher login & Collect data

Create vouchers and refills in advance with desired
price plan limitations (time, bandwidth quota, download
and upload rates), and distribute them or sell by your
staff, resellers or through your channel partners.

Voucher login & collect data based access is a
convenient way to get users details which can be used
for marketing purposes once when they already use
the voucher for access.

Users will get a login and access to Wi-Fi based on the
voucher and they will need to fill requested details.

Payments & Credit card Billing

Credit card processing option is very important if you
want to automate your business.

Visitors who are willing to use your services can sign
up for username and password, choose an Internet
plan and pay with their credit card.

The processing occurs within seconds and your
customers are able to continue using your services.

Wi-Fi Revenue

Get Revenue list with the revenue data based on
Wi-Fi location and date for the selected time period.

Acquire daily, monthly, yearly or custom range
Revenue reports and based on them check your
business results.

User Profile

User Profile contain customer personal information
and it’s a valuable addition to the rest of the user
account options.

WiFi-Station goes beyond the usual personal data
collection and provides an option to save customer
photo, gender, birthday, etc..

This is especially useful in the countries with anti terrorism laws, where all users have to provide
identification document.

Let end-users manage their own consent and personal
data according to GDPR.

Opt-in/Opt-out for personalized message.

WiFi-Station ISP Cloud Wi-Fi has an advanced
architecture which allows both simple and very
large networks.

You can start offering Wi-Fi services and grow slowly
by adding new access points, connect different city
areas, one step a time.

Easily integrate several separate Wi-Fi networks in one
large network, where all accounts are served from the
central database (included free of charge).

Flexible architecture makes WiFi-Station ISP Cloud
Wi-Fi system suitable for different implementations
like ISP city /country wide networks, hotels …

You will benefit from:

Lower costs
Additional revenue from video advertising
Excellent personalized support
Short time to switch over to our platform
Scalable system with virtually no startup cost


Ranking from basic data to advanced analytics,
WiFi-Station system offers a thorough insight
into visitors behaviour.

Get to know your visitors, find out what their
habits are and prepare effective marketing

Track Internet usage, set the limits to Internet
plans, or set specific limits to individual users.

Visitors statistics have been divided into
multiple reports which include loyalty, top users,
time intervals, sex, age, and other demographic

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