A quick and reliable Wi-Fi network throughout the
hotel nowadays is one of the most significant
amenities when choosing the most suitable hotel.
Excellent Wi-Fi contributes to greater guest
satisfaction and loyalty.

Our system provides you with both advanced Wi-Fi
network control and a reliable connection with all the
guests. It enables you to deliver video commercials
and automatically sends special offers at defined
time intervals, which leads to an increase in revenues
from restaurants, spa centres and other services.

The system collects data and surveys, which provide
objective feedback on guest satisfaction. Thus you
can boost you ratings on sites such as TripAdvisor


WiFi-Station is a cloud system of great possibilities
which connects various devices into an intelligent
Wi-Fi network.

The system works on fast Microsoft servers
with high availability.

It provides centralized device management, hotel Wi-Fi
network control, access methods settings, guest
accounts updates, extraordinary analytics and reports,
easy network expansion

It supports Wi-Fi devices of the leading network brands:
Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquity, Tp-Link, Mikrotik, Cradlepoint,
D-Link, Asus, Meraki, Icomera, Open-Mesh, etc.


When your guest connecting to Wi-Fi, a welcome page
automatically translated into a guest language pops up
on a device. You can easily customize the welcome
page by setting the logo, background, colors and the
ways in which your guests can access the Internet.

There is a possibility to include various features: free
Internet, faster paid Internet, email and customer data
collection, the access granted on entering room
number and name, the access via social network
accounts or having seen video commercials.

Having logged in, the customer can be greeted with a
heartfelt, welcome email containing the basic
information about the hotel, with special offers included.


WiFi-Station Hotel system precisely controls the
Internet access speed, data transfer and a number of
devices which a guest can connect to Wi-Fi.

Since there is a greater demand for streaming
services, hotels cater to their guests by limiting the
access speed so that each and every guest could be
granted excellent Wi-Fi. The guest is allowed to use
multiple devices (1, 3 or more) per room, and for
each device there is a customer device usage

Business customers can be offered a higher Internet
access speed, which can be paid by card at the
receptionist’s, or granted for free, as a benefit
available to members.

When a guest connects to an access point, he will be
logged in automatically


Internet needs to be available and of an excellent
quality in an entire hotel: in each room, lobby, the
restaurant, the conference hall, spa centre, at the
beach. All Wi-Fi access points may be clustered into
locations with a common start page and limits.

A guest in a hotel room can log in via an account
(room number/name) and get a higher Internet access
speed. Visitors, who are not hotel guests, can log in via
social networks in the lobby and they can be granted a
lower Internet access speed and a limited usage time.

Thus you benefit from these options by acquiring new
customers for future marketing campaigns.

Gather customer data on one location, make charges
for fast Internet access on the other location, or display
video advertisements to grant the Internet access on
the third Wi-Fi location.


Your Wi-Fi network is a perfect channel to gather
the opinions of your guests.

Gather valuable information about your guests, which
can used for marketing purposes and to improve the
quality of your services.

Resolve the customer complaints, about which you
might not have been notified before the checkout of a
guest, and avoid certain unpleasant, detrimental

All the data are instantly available being gathered
into legible analytics, without any paperwork.

Follow up posted guest reviews and remind them to
post their comments on TripAdvisor and


Wi-Fi is an ideal marketing channel because it enables
you to display video advertisements before a guest is
connected to the internet.

WiFi-Station Wi-Fi system enables you to set one or
multiple video advertisements which can be rotated
each time the guest is connected. For each marketing
campaign you will get analytics which includes the
number of displayed video advertisements, clickthrough rates, how successful the campaign is, with
PDF reports for hotel manager.

Having seen a video advertisement, a guest will be
offered to connect to the Internet and visit the web
page with a special offer. Thus you enhance guest
engagement and advertising.

If you might not have your own
advertisements, we are at disposal for
any help that you might need while
recording, producing and final setting of
your ads for maximum results.


Email marketing campaigns enable you to send
information and promotional emails to your guests.

Those campaigns can be sent when necessary, if you
want to inform your guests about the novelties, or
automatically according to a previously defined
schedule which includes initial connection, inactivity
or on a guest’s day of birth.

The integrated editor, which enables you to insert
images, text, links and other features, helps you prepare
the emails. The campaigns can be sent to your target
guests immediately, or at a specified delivery time.


Social Login is a favourite Wi-Fi access method for
most customers since it enables them to log in to the
Internet in just a few clicks, without any personal data
required/ without entering any data.

Social Wi-Fi is a powerful tool by means of which you
can offer free Wi-Fi to your guests, and gather
customers personal data that you can later use for
marketing purposes.

When a guest logs in to the system, there might be a
message made public to your friends and followers on
a social network, thus enabling you to reach new
potential customers.


The reputation of a hotel is of paramount importance
for potential guests and TripAdvisor is dominant in
this field.

The integration of the system with TripAdvisor
enables you to automatically send an email to your
guest upon checkout.

Remind your guests of pleasant moments they spent
at your hotel and suggest that they write an online
review that will help you boost hotel rating and guest

Those reviews are a valuable source of information to
guests when opting for a hotel, since 93% of guests
take these online reviews into consideration, whereas
53% wouldn’t book a hotel without the reviews.

The usage of our Cloud system provides the key data,
such as an email address, so as to enable automated
sending of a TripAdvisor review request email.


One of the most important features is the integration
with the Hotel PMS system. It enables a guest to log in
to Wi-Fi via room number and name, which completely
automates the access and facilitates guest access to
the Internet.

Guest Internet access will be limited by Internet plan
(download/upload), time, quota, expiration time,
number of devices that can be connected. If a guest
needs higher speed, you can offer paid access posting
the Internet plan charges to the guest room.

Upon successful login, a guest can be redirected to
the hotel web site, special promotion, or the page
containing his/her access data.


When a guest connects to Wi-Fi network for the first time
and enters personal data, he will receive a welcome email.

In two days’ time the system can send a short customer
satisfaction survey to be completed asking your guest to
rate the customer experience so that you could react to
potential customer complaints.

In a couple of days you can offer a coupon for spa/fitness
centre, or you can invite your guest to cast a glance at the
restaurant menu.

When a guest leaves the hotel, you can send an email of
gratitude and a discount coupon for the next hotel

All the steps have been automated, time intervals are
adjustable, and they do not require any additional effort.


Ranking from basic data to advanced analytics,
WiFi-Station system offers a thorough insight
into visitors behaviour.

Get to know your visitors, find out what their habits
are and prepare effective marketing campaigns.

Track Internet usage, set the limits to Internet plans,
or set specific limits to individual users.

Visitors statistics have been divided into multiple
reports which include loyalty, top users, time
intervals, sex, age, and other demographic data.

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